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We are a user group located in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to help filmmakers of all levels develop high quality content using a Macintosh-based workflow. While an emphasis of MacFilmmakers is post-production with Final Cut Studio, we also look at the entire production cycle from project development through distribution.

MacFilmmakers Meeting Schedule:

For the foreseeable future, we are trying an experiment with how we post our meeting announcements. Since updating a website is a little involved and we want to get our announcements out FAST, we are now posting our meeting announcements on our spiffy new MacFilmmakers Blog. Here is the link to that blog:

So, go on over and check it out! Of course, we will also continue to send out announcements via our Listserv, so to sign up for that, see Staying Informed as a MacFilmmaker further down.

So...just what is it y'all DO at a MacFilmmakers meeting??

Throughout the year, usually on the last Wednesday evening of every month (except December due to the holidays), we gather to learn and discuss a broad spectrum of topics related to filmmaking. Anywhere from one to several speakers will make presentations on just about anything related to film production. A sampling of some of our talks from the last six years includes:

The Casting Process: How to Find and Audition Actors for Your Project

Working with SAG on Your Low Budget Production

Location Sound Techniques

Lighting Basics

Hands On with the RED ONE Camera

Editing in Final Cut Studio

Title Design for Film and TV

DVD Design and Distribution

Sundance: More Than Just a Festival

New Models of Film Distribution: You Don't Necessarily Need a Theatrical Release

It's kind of like going to film school, just that at completely free of charge, our rates are a wee bit lower.

But our meetings are more than just presentations, we also network. Do you need an editor? Are you a DP looking for work? Don't know of a good place to rent equipment? Did you recently win an award and want to make sure the world knows about it? Are you just happy that everybody really, really likes you? Announce it to our membership! Every meeting we set aside time for your announcements and questions. Then, during our Fabulous Pizza Break, connect up with your filmmaking peers, talk up your project, hand out your business cards, hunt for investors–it's all good!

Finally, every month we also showcase your Demo Reels on our big screen. All we ask is that you keep the total running time to less than five minutes; reels are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Staying Informed as a MacFilmmaker

Those looking to stay informed via our MacFilmmakers virtual community can sign up for our MacFilmmakers Listserv. There you and your filmmaking peers can share news and ideas related to filmmaking in a semi-private online fashion. The listserv is also where MacFilmmakers meeting and event announcements are posted and is therefore the best way to stay up to date. Subscribing to (and unsubscribing from) the list is completely self-serve; see MacFilmmakers' Listserv below for the link.text.

MacFilmmakers’ Listserv

MacFilmmakers maintains a listserv for our members (open to all). This list helps to create a virtual community for our 410 online members (at last count) to communicate with each other by offering information and tips, asking questions, posting filmmaking-related announcements, etc. This is also where all MacFilmmakers meetings and events are posted. The Web page for self-serve sign-up is:

The rules are simple: plain-text-only messages, no spam, and courteous communication. MacFilmmakers reserves the right to remove subscribers and posts from the list, as warranted.

Note that this listserv is completely separate from any email list for which you may have signed up long ago at a MacFilmmakers meeting. That old email list is no longer in use. At all. Major hard drive crash. Kevin has learned his lesson and now backs up daily.


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